Killing you softly with Anger III


There are five prime emotions that we will experience. They are anger, happiness, knotted thinking, anxiety or worry, and fear. Each emotion will affect our mind and our different internal organs and ultimately our health.

Anger will hurt our liver. Happiness will hurt our hearts. Knotted thinking will hurt our spleen. Anxiety will hurt our lungs. Fear will hurt our kidneys.

However, each organ is not independent. They are interrelated and the body is a whole. The suffering of one organ will affect other organs, and eventually the whole body will suffer. The heart, as the master organ, will also ultimately suffer.

Our heart is the master organ in our body. It is similar to a General in an Army, or the main controller of our body. Each type of emotion will eventually affect the function of our heart. Moreover, once our heart is injured, it will affect all other organs.

Thus it is paramount that we control our emotions so that they will not affect our body health. How? Let us see how we, as practitioners of life cultivation, will control our emotions for good health. We will talk about each emotion in turn. We have previously talked about Anger. We will continue to talk about Anger.

04 Anger Management

There are many ways to manage our Anger. As practitioners of life cultivation, we devote much effort to the management of Anger. We will outline some of the strategies here for discussion purposes. How you will actually manage your Anger, you will have to make your own plan. Yes, plan ahead for Anger Management.


01 Avoid the situation

This is a strategy that is very easy to understand. Someone is going to be angry with you, diffuse it right away. You are going to be angry with someone, take a deep breath.

Say you have done something that your wife does not like. You are overly sweet to your beautiful secretary and buy her flowers on her birthday. A busy bee has been talking to your wife. You come home. You look at your wife and you know you have an angry situation.

What do you do? You diffuse the situation. How? There are many ways. Think about it. Write them down. Memorize them by heart. When the situation arises, you carry out the strategies smoothly as if you are a diplomatic pro.

When someone tries to make you angry, intentionally or unintentionally, you also try to diffuse the situation using the same procedure. This should be easier, right?

02 Use Inaction

Inaction is not only a strategy for Anger Management, it is a philosophy, It is a way of life for many of us life cultivation practitioners. What do we mean by inaction? Easy, do nothing.

Yes. Inaction will lead to nothing being accomplished. However, action in this world will disturb our mind, damage our intelligence, and totally destroy our spirit. If we hold the inaction in a corner of our mind, we will still look very young at the age of a hundred.

This is a very simple strategy, but can a person who is wealthy and powerful understand this?


03 Use Fate

Use Fate as a rationale in Anger Management. It is our Fate when something happens. We just have to accept it because it is our Fate. Then we will not be angry.

A young man said, “I do not believe in Fate. However, I still cannot escape the trouble that was imposed on me by Fate, no matter how I struggle. As they said in Buddhism, there is always a causal relationship between events.”

It is easy to say that a man can always conquer his Fate. However, the chance of doing that is slim. So, accept the situation meekly as it is your Fate.

04 Use Change

This rule is simple. We use a good emotion to counteract a harmful and bad emotion such as anger.

For example, when we are troubled, we visit our buddy and pour out all our troubles to him. Now we walk away happily, although he may be troubled, but that is his problem.

For many practitioners of life cultivation, especially women, they like to go shopping and make themselves happy when they are angry at a situation.

When you are angry, eat something you like. It is that easy! Cheer up.

Make a list of strategies that you can use and follow them.


05 Use Carefree

Zhu Ling stood at the edge of the forest, looking up at the mountain that is faraway.

She is willing to believe that there are terrestrial gods in this world, living in the mountains with white clouds, using the clouds as a quilt blanket. They would quench thirst with spring water from the Qinghe River, and treat hunger with delicious fruits. They would emit long howls on top of the trees, or play the violin by the waterfront.

Carefree life.

Now you do not need the hard-found youth, or the glory of wealth and power. They are to be discarded in exchange for a carefree life.

In the life of the gods, she admired the gods without care and without trouble. The Buddhist and Taoist worlds both urge a person to give up his worldly life. However, she can’t be as natural as the immortal gods living in the mountains as if nothing has ever happened.

06 Use Massage

As practitioners of life cultivation, we use many physical therapies such as Massage or Moxibustion to clear the stagnant liver and gallbladder and transform heat or inflammation.

For example, we may take traditional Chinese medicines with the effect of clearing away heat and purging liver fire.

More often, we use external methods such as massage, moxibustion, scraping, cupping, stretching exercises, etc. to clear the flow of liver energy.

Of course, we employ Mustang Dietary Technique, and Mustang Jingzuo Technique in our daily life for diet and mental conditioning too.

Touch the midline of your inner thigh from knee to ankle. It is the path where the liver energy flows. Most older people have a very hard tendon, and some nodules can be felt. This means that the liver energy flow will not be smooth. The corresponding outer side of the thigh is the path of energy flow of the gallbladder. Thus, we should massage the paths to smooth the flows. How?

The most convenient way to dredge the two paths of the liver and gallbladder energy flow is to tap, push and knead the paths. Where the pain is more acute, it is the blockage point. Push and knead those points more forcefully to smooth out the path.

In addition, moxibustion can also be used for deep dredging. We do not advise you to do this by yourself if you have no knowledge of life cultivation. However, you may learn it here. Then you go to a professional person to do it for yourself. You observe closely how he does it. Memorize it. Come home and do it yourself. Or, join Mustang Cultivation Club. A pro will guide you.

Light the moxa stick. Follow the path of the liver and gallbladder energy flow to find the hot spot. This method does not require you to memorize the acupoints. There is no need to find specific acupoints. You only need to feel the areas with swelling redness, heated pain, or pressured pain. Then you perform moxibustion on those areas. It can be performed without clinical experience, It is becoming more and more common in home health care.


07 Use Facial Scraping

Use facial scraping to relieve blood stasis and return beauty to your face and body.

After the age of thirty-five, women start to look burnt. Liver stagnation will only make the skin worse. The growth of chloasma will be obvious. Facial beauty scraping technique can make the blood and energy flow to the head and face smooth, improving skin aging, removing freckles and wrinkles.

Again, do not do it on yourself if you are new to life cultivation. Visit and learn from the pro. Then do it yourself once you master the technique.

08 Other techniques

There are too many techniques for Anger Management. We cannot list them all.

You may wonder why we emphasize liver stagnation and its removal while we are talking about Anger Management. That is because we believe that the Anger Emotion will result in liver stagnation. If we improve liver stagnation, we will help with the bad consequences of the Anger Emotion. Got it?

As practitioners of life cultivation, we will persist in dredging the energy flow paths to reduce the chance of blood and energy stasis in our life. Thus we will find many illnesses that sound scary to be relieved through our own efforts. It is necessary to seek medical treatment in time, but to learn life cultivation knowledge and practice will likely prevent many health conditions from developing into illnesses.

The most important point is to learn to adjust our mentality and ease our emotions. If we take a carefree pill on the one hand, and complain about life everyday, what is the use?

The simplest sentence. Force ourselves to be broadminded.


Call to Action Summary

Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

This is an extract of the full treatise published in the Mustang BodyWorks Series, a paid-subscription. You may buy this full treatise for the price of US$5.00-20.00, using your PayPal account.

Treatise on Anger Management

How is anger originated? How to control anger.


Stay tuned for the next episode: More on Emotion.

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