Inner Vision Observation of Organs


As practitioners of life cultivation, we use the inner vision technique to feel our inner organs to find out if they are abnormal physiologically or functionally. Once we find the organ that is going bad, we can then try to return it to normal operation as soon as possible, using the various Mustang Cultivation Techniques. This will help us to maintain the health of our body without resorting to medication or surgical operation in later days.

In a previous article, we have briefly discussed each of the important organs as a learning reference. Now we will discuss in depth how we apply the inner vision technique to find out what is wrong with each of our organs.

01 The Heart


The heart resides in the thoracic cavity, above the diaphragm, and is protected by the pericardium.

The heart is the lord of our mind , the lead of the meridien, and it plays a role in controlling out life activities.

The Heart is the monarch of all organs.

Su Wen: Linglan Secret Canon

The physiological function of the heart has two main aspects: one is to govern the blood vessels, and the other is to govern the mind.

The heart condition is related to the tongue and face. Meaning we may observe the health of our heart via the tongue and the face.

The heart and the small intestines are interrelated to each other. The health of one will give signs to the health of the other.


01 Heart manages blood and blood vessels

The function of the heart includes two aspects. It controls blood and it controls blood vessels. Blood of the entire body flows in blood vessels, depending on the heart beat to be transported to every part of the body, nourishing every part of the body. Thus blood flow is critical to our body health.

The beating of the heart depends on the vital force of the heart. As we are young and energetic, our heart force will be strong, and the blood will flow in the blood vessels in a normal pattern, nourishing our body. Thus, our skin complexion will look ruddy and shiny, our pulse rhythm will be even, gentle and powerful.

As we grow older or when we are weak, the function of our heart may diminish, and we may observe the following symptoms.

When we have an insufficiency of heart force, the function of promoting blood circulation is reduced. Thus we may exhibit visible palpitations, pale complexion, weak pulse and so on.

We may develop heart and blood stasis. If our heart force is weak, blood flow will be weak, leading to blood stasis. Thus we may observe visible palpitations, suffocation and pain in the precordial area of our heart. Our facial complexion will become dark and gray, with blue and purple lips and mouths, and irregular pulse rhythm, etc.

We may have a deficiency of blood supply. In order for our heart and blood to perform normally, we have to have a strong heart force, sufficient blood supply, and smooth blood vessels for blood flow. If we have a deficiency of blood supply, our blood vessels will not have enough blood, then we will exhibit palpitations, pale complexion and lips, thin and weak pulse, etc.

Thus, if we apply our inner vision technique properly, we will be able to tell whether our heart, blood and circulatory functions are performing properly. If not, we then will take actions to remedy them before they become big, big problems.

02 Heart manages the Mind

What is the Mind? In a very broad sense, it refers to what we see when a person shows his activities which are directed by his Mind. In a narrower sense, it includes his human spirit, consciousness, and thinking activities.

In traditional herbal medicine, human spirit, consciousness and thinking activities are attributed to the five major organs, and mainly to the physiological function of the heart. However, in Western medicine, these activities are mainly attributed to the human brain.

Thus, when the heart is functioning properly, our mind will be clear, our thinking will be quick, and our spirit will be high. On the other hand, if the heart is ill, it will affect our mental activities, leading to abnormal manifestations of mental consciousness and thinking, such as insomnia, full of dreams, restlessness, or delirium. The person may show clinical manifestations such as unresponsiveness, forgetfulness, lethargy, and even coma.

However, if you follow the Western medicine, you may say these symptoms show that our brain is not functioning properly. Accordingly, we will seek to treat the brain instead of the heart.

This is an interesting theory. Let us look at an example. Say a man fell in love with a woman. They went along happily. Six months later, the woman broke up with him. She declared that she did not love him anymore. Instead, she fell in love with another handsome man.

Now, shall we say the man was heart-broken? Or, shall we say the man was brain-drained or brain-broken? The man will feel a pain in his heart, not his brain.

Actually, the loss of a loved-one is not only a heart problem. It is more. It is also a stomach problem. The man may lose his appetite for days or weeks to come. The man may die with a broken heart.

Thus, if you believe that you should treat your brain when you suffer from a broken heart, go ahead. As practitioners of life cultivation, we shall find ways to soothe our minds and hearts.

Should we take a peek at why Traditional Herbal Medicine prefers to treat the heart and five organs with a broken heart? No? Alright.


03 Heart manages blood vessels, reflected on the face

The function of the blood vessels has two aspects. One, it governs blood flow. Blood must flow in certain channels in certain directions continuously. Two, it carries nutrients to every part of our body, nourishing our organs and tissues and so on. These functions depend on the proper functioning of our blood circulatory functions.

Whether our heart and the blood circulatory system is working properly will be reflected on our face. Any change in our blood and circulation will be reflected on the colors of our facial skin.

When our heart force is strong, our blood and vessels will be abundant, and our face will be ruddy and shiny; if our heart force is insufficient, the complexion will be pale and stagnant.

The heart opens at the tongue. The tongue is the sprout of the heart. The function of the tongue is to control taste and express speech. The normal functioning of taste and the correct expression of speech depend on the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels and the functioning of the heart and mind.

If the function of the heart is normal, the tongue will be ruddy and soft, the speech will be clear, and the sense of taste will be sensitive.

If the mental function of the heart is abnormal, the tongue will be rigid, the speech will be slurry, leading to a loss of speech.

The pericardium is a film or tissue that wraps around the heart. It is also called tanzhong in some literature. Its function is to protect the heart and may be sick instead of the heart being sick. For example, in the case of fever or dizziness, a physician may find the cause in the pericardium instead of in the heart.

In summary, we can use our inner vision technique to check the condition of our heart, the blood, blood vessels, and the blood circulatory system.

Call to Action Summary


Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

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Treatise on Mustang Inner Vision Technique

Use the Inner Vision Technique to check on the health status of organs. Understand each of the organs and how we know they are not performing properly.


Stay tuned for the next episode: More on Mustang Inner Vision Technique.

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