Failure in adjusting Body Constitution


A herbal doctor wrote that when he tried to determine and adjust the body constitution of his visitors, he would offer some tips and advice on how to adjust body constitution. He was amazed to hear his visitors ask: where do I get this particular tonic? His visitors also ask: How do I blend this particular tea?

The herbal doctor was amazed that his visitors were simple minded. They thought all they have to do is to eat or drink some miraculous foods and their body will be healthy and they will look younger and more beautiful.

In fact, the body constitution has erred from the standard for quite a long time, and to adjust the body back to standard, it will take a few months, or a few years. Some problems have been there for a few years. A doctor may not classify it as an illness, and if he goes for a physical checkup, he will receive a report that says there is nothing wrong with him, that every organ are performing within the normal ranges.

However, the person still complains that he is feeling uncomfortable. This is normally a matter of systematic dysfunctions, meaning that some organs are performing below par or not in harmony with others. The activities of the internal organs are not smooth, but they are not diseased, and can be improved.

They should be improved at this point, and not to wait until the organs become diseased. Since the crux of the matter is systematic, not a single disease, the best way to deal with it is to use a systematic way, not a single medicine.


Systematic Adjustment

Systematic adjustment of body constitution refers to the examination of all the factors that will influence the normal activities of our body, not just one point of the body.

A good example is the pre-launch examination of a spacecraft. We will examine every part of the spacecraft, including every nut and bolt. If none of the parts has any problem, the spacecraft will operate without any failure.

Our human body is a complex system. Every part is interlinked. If any part of the link is not working properly, it will affect other links before and after it.

For example, If someday you are not happy, it will affect your appetite and you will eat less. Your stomach and digestive system will work in vain, without any food for it to work on. Without the proper amount of food, you will produce less blood and energy. This will in turn affect the proper functioning of other internal organs. You will feel tired and moody. The whole system will lose part of its active functioning. In this example, intake of food and emotion are all part of the system, and we have to consider all of them when we consider the adjustment of the body constitution.

In the adjustment of body constitution, we first have to find out the source of the problem. We ask, how are these symptoms developed?

The herbal doctor summarized from his visitors. Most of the problems arise from inattention to daily activities. Habits are easily formed and become routine. For example, drinking cold water upon awakening. For example, eating cold fruits, cold drinks, and ice cream. For example, eating more meat and no vegetables. For example, overeating and overdrinking of hot and spicy food from hot pots, barbecue, and seafood. For example, prolonged sitting without moving. For example, eating late at night and sleeping late. There are many of these examples that will do harm to your body constitution.

If you do it only once in a while, your body may automatically adjust over them. However, if you do it frequently or for a long time, your body constitution will become substandard. You will appear to be healthy because it has not reached the sparking point. As you grow older, the chance of it blowing up in your face will increase, and then you will become diseased.

For anything to happen, there is a time-related process. You must have heard how termites will destroy a building. The cause may be small or negligible, but if you overlook it, it may lead to a serious problem.

Therefore, to design a problem to adjust a substandard body constitution, we have to start from the small daily activities. These are the source of all problems. If we do not clean the mouth of a spring, we will not be able to effectively clean the following stream no matter how we try. For similar reasons, a person will find out that he feels good when he is taking medicine. Once he stops taking it, he will feel uncomfortable again. Why? His medicine does not attack the source of the problem.

As you read our articles, you may say we are very tedious, that we touch on small things and that we are not quick to the point. You want a simple and direct solution to your problem. You may stop reading our articles for their complexity. Then, of course, you will not benefit from our systematic solution for adjusting your body constitution.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we hope that you will read our articles with a calm mind. Read our articles with care. Make notes while you are reading. Note what you can do and what you cannot do. In your mind you note how you will carry them out. Even if you cannot do it completely, you will note what will be harmful to you, and you will try to avoid them in the future.

We just want to emphasize one point. To make adjustments to your body constitution, you must stick to healthy living habits. What do you do daily? You eat, you sleep, and you poop. If you strictly control these activities your body will go into a positive cycle. The inner environment of your body will be cleaner everyday. Many unknown symptoms will have been thus cleansed.

Again, do not rely heavily on medicine. You may invent new problems by taking too many drugs leading to chain reactions.

Here, again, to be successful in adjusting your body constitution, you must have self-discipline. This is key to many failures. Many people love food so much that they eat even if they know it was not healthy for them to do so. You may say pain and happiness coexist when they eat, and they instantly regret it after eating.

Between health and indulgence, you can only choose one. You must then choose one. No one else can make this decision for you.

What is your choice?

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