Geographical effects on body constitution


As practitioners of life cultivation, we are faced with questions such as:

Is the body constitution of Westerners the same as Asians?

Are the lifestyles of Westerners adaptable by Asians?

Is Life cultivation practice suitable for Africans?

Environment influence

Environment has a big influence on the formation of body constitution. Therefore, people from different geographical areas will have different body constitution.

Southern Chinese and Northern Chinese have different body constitution. Many Northerners will develop acne and suffer from inflammation when they migrate to the South. Many Northerners will suffer from dampness and diarrhea when they migrate to the South. People whose body constitution which are shaped by the special environment will find it difficult to adapt to a different environment when they migrate.

Therefore, the special environment where a person is born and raised will have shaped his body constitution. Why is this important to us, the practitioners of life cultivation?

In our common practice of life cultivation, we make our adjustment through foods and drinks, herbal supplements, fitness exercises, and lifestyles. We seldom pay any attention to environmental variants. However, this is also very important to our practice of life cultivation.

For example, if we detect our body has high dampness, then we should pay special attention to it. Besides eating foods that will strengthen our stomach and spleen and get rid of dampness, we should improve our living environment. We should not live in a damped place where we do not see sunshine all year round. We should move away from living in basements or ground floors. The cumulative effects of the environment will have a bad effect on our body constitution.

When a Northerner goes to the South to work, or an islander goes to the inland to live, their body may feel uncomfortable. Leaving the place for a while is a good remedy to lessen the effect of weather and environmental changes.

However, if you cannot do so for economical reasons, then you will have to stick to a good diet plan. Refer to Mustang Dietary Technique for advice.

Regional difference and lifestyle

Chinese people advise other people to drink warm water instead of cold water. Many people raise the question, what should the Westerners do? They do not drink warm water but they live healthily, right?

We cannot give a conclusion based on simple comparison. We must look at the pre-conditions. The body constitution of Westerners is different from that of Easterners. There is no doubt about this. Although they are all human beings, the racial heredity is different, giving rise to differences in basic body constitution.

Let us look back at drinking warm water. The determining factor is not merely regional differences, it also includes racial concepts and lifestyles. These factors are there for years, and thus give rise to a body constitution that is suitable for drinking cold water. With such a body constitution, he is more accustomed to drinking cold water, and his body has adapted to it, thus they have no idea on drinking warm water in their lifestyle.

Chinese prefer drinking warm water based on an analysis of Yin and Yang. Cold water will hurt the Yang energy. Yang energy is basic to our life and should be protected. Thus, we should not drink cold water.

Thus, a person should not blindly follow the lifestyle of other people. This person drinks cold water and he is alright. However, if you drink cold water you will feel menstrual pain or suffer from diarrhea. Racial hereditary is different giving rise to basic different body constitution which has different responses to different stimuli, and exhibits many different symptoms.

Thus, a person should understand his own body constitution, and choose a lifestyle that is suitable for his body constitution. Do not copy from other people without analysis.


Regional differences

As practitioners of life cultivation, we sometimes wonder whether our practice can be adapted in other regions such as Africa. In order to get an answer, let us look into the roots of it.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we follow the rule “Plant in Spring. Grow in Summer. Harvest in Autumn, Store in Winter. “ This rule arises because our environment has four distinct seasons. On the other hand, Asia and Africa have quite different environments and weathers, so we cannot apply the practice of life cultivation blindly by copying the concepts without modifications. Some areas have high temperatures throughout the year, without Autumn and Winter, so how do you harvest and store? Some regions have low temperature and snow throughout the year, so how do you plant and grow?

Thus, in our practice of life cultivation, we cannot adapt the concepts blindly without modification. How do we know whether certain concepts and practices are suitable for us? That is easy, our body response to our practice of life cultivation will tell us.

Adaption of lifestyle when moving

In our modern society, instead of lThus, in our practice of life cultivation, we cannot adapt the concepts blindly without modification. How do we know whether certain concepts and practices are suitable for us? That is easy, our body response to our practice of life cultivation will tell us.

Learning about how different regions will affect our lifestyle, we should pay attention to how our moving across the globe will affect our body constitution, and how we should adapt our lifestyle to live an active, comfortable, healthy, and happy life.

For example, we used to live in Zhengzhou in Henan province of China. Now we move to live in Los Angeles, California, USA. How should we live so that we will yield the benefits of life cultivation?

Many people who live in Northern China are used to eating foods made from flour. When they move to Southern China, they are forced to eat rice. Some of them are not used to it. Some regions in China are used to foods that are hot and spicy. Again, the Northerners are not used to it with accumulated inflammation.

The body constitution of the Northerners are not used to foods and lifestyle in the South. How should they adapt to the new environment?

Give your body a period of time for adaptation. When you first arrive at a new environment, eat foods that are similar to your place of origin. First, eat these kinds of foods. They are not stimulating. The body is not allergic to the new foods. Eat foods in the form of soup, porridge, noodles and braised tofu. These foods are more easily digestible.

Next step. Eat foods that will help to maintain and improve the digestive system. You may eat food such as date soup, lotus seed, peanut and barley porridge. At the same time, you may continue to eat some food you bring from your place of origin. Once you feel uncomfortable with certain foods, make adjustments right away.


How to make repair

When a Northerner goes to live in the South, his body constitution does not adapt to the new environment right away and shows signs of damage. What should he do?

For example, a Northerner goes to study in the South, and he starts to grow acne on his face, he looks oily, and he feels tired. What can he do?

If possible, he should leave the area for a period of time.

He should check whether he is allergic to certain materials or foods that are common in his new environment but are rare in his place of origin.

He may also make adjustments through diets and medical treatments. Changes in diets are much preferred and recommended compared to medical treatment. Refer to Dietary Technique for detail.

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