The Art of Life Cultivation Part Seven

The Prevention of Illness

Illness can be prevented. There is always a cause for an illness. Once we remove the cause, we would have nipped the illness in its bud. It is not difficult to do so, as long as we train ourselves to be sensitive to the symptoms and take actions to remove the cause at an early stage.

When a doctor declares that a person is terminally ill, many people show an innocent look on their face. Why me? Then they hope to remove the illness the easy way by medication, cutting, slicing, poisoning, or killing.

However, does the disease really have no cause, that it arises from nowhere? We, as practitioners of life cultivation, have absolutely refused to accept that an illness just suddenly happens.

We are only human, so we will get sick, and we will die. As practitioners of life cultivation, we try to prevent illness, but we cannot prevent death. Thus there are two questions for practitioners like us. First, how do we prevent illness, both physically and mentally? Second, how do we face death?

We, as practitioners of life cultivation, have worked out several procedures to prevent an illness from happening. As long as we are diligent gardeners, we would have reaped a good harvest from our hard work. Keep on practicing life cultivation for a good life.

However, we cannot prevent death. We, as practitioners of life cultivation, have worked out several ways to make ourselves at peace in the face of death.



Take the common cold as an example. If a person is questioned to reflect on the matter, he may admit that he has worked so hard that he has missed several nights’ sleep. Another person may admit that he has suffered from cold wind and rain. Another person may admit that he has suffered from pressure at work, with accompanying headaches and insomnia. In fact, such phenomena are all factors that cause a cold.

In other words, if the person has a high degree of sensitivity and alertness, he will detect the oncoming of the common cold. He will then be able to achieve the goal of preventing the problem before it arises.

We, as practitioners of life cultivation, have another notion to prevent an illness. That is, we cannot be afraid of death. Once we have fear in our mind, our vital energy will diminish. Death will always find the one who has insufficient energy. Thus, as practitioners of life cultivation, we must be a hero. We must have benevolence, wisdom, and bravery which are indispensable for longevity and health.

A human body is a body full of intelligence. A human body has many sentinels such as the teeth, appendix, tonsils and so on. Once a body shows signs of abnormality (usually excessive internal heat), these sentinels will immediately report to the brain. A wise person will immediately adjust his mindset, review his body conditions, and calm himself down. He will then take remedial actions to return himself to the balanced state.

What do modern medicines do now? For example, when a person feels pain, the part with pain will be removed and replaced with a good one. The pain is now gone, right?

What’s more, an instrument was now invented. When a person has allergic rhinitis with frequent sneezing, the sensitive area of his nose will be burned with the instrument so that he will not sneeze in the future if stimulated.

What else will a person be left with if he continues to have symptoms of his body? If he is sick again, the only parts that are left to be removed will be his internal organs.

NOTE: The concept of Shanghuo (excessive internal heat) is a body sign. Normally people with excessive internal heat will suffer from inflammation, sore throats, toothache, acnes and many other symptoms.

We occasionally may have diarrhea, sneezing, coughing, fever and other symptoms. These symptoms show that our body repair mechanism is at home. Therefore, we should not abuse drugs as soon as these symptoms appear, or the drugs may inhibit our repair function. Once our repair function is weakened or lost, we have placed our future fate on these drugs.

As long as the symptoms are not serious, the best way is to calm down and let our own repair mechanism complete the repair of the body. Therefore, each of us must use drugs with caution and try to restore the function of our repair mechanism. This is the true way of health.

Emotions Play the Part

There is only one reason for serious illness or terminal illness: hate. When the hate is gone, the illness will disappear along with hate. The most difficult thing for us to resolve in this world is everlasting hate. When there exists a hate that cannot be resolved, there is no cure for an illness arising from hate.

We tend to work hard to improve our material gain. The consequences of this pursuit are terrible. Our desire for material gains is endless. Once this desire is not controlled, then we will end up with endless suffering.

Whatever enjoyment that material can bring, we can do it spiritually. Drugs will cure diseases, so will psychological therapy. Therefore, we should not devote our life to pursue just wealth. A life is better spent if we were to cultivate a good attitude and let our spirit soar.

The beginning of a hundred illnesses starts with the evil wind. When our body’s vital energy is weak, the nutrients intake and defense will be out of balance. When we have anxiety or fear, and we indulge in alcohol, sex, or labor, we further squander our vital energy, giving the outside devil a chance to invade our body.

For a person with a long-lasting incubating illness, the symptoms will show only if his vital energy and blood flow are strong. Consequently, for a person who is practising Mustang Tuna Technique and Mustang Vital Energy Technique, he will feel ill after he reaches a certain level. This is normal. At this point he should calm down and practice Mustang Jingzuo Technique and Mustang Ruding Technique to further balance his vital energy and blood circulation.

The environmental factors such as wind, cold, heat and wetness may be causes of our illness, especially when we are weak. That is why we say a weak person is likely to be ill.

A rich person is well protected from illness because he has sufficient clothing, that he eats well, and that he has a good shelter that protects him from the elements in Nature. The poor person, on the other hand, will have to depend on his good vital energy and blood circulation and a high spirit to get through.

A rich person will eat meat, fat and sweets which will give him stomach and teeth problems. A poor person, on the other hand, will eat less and be hungry some of the time. Thus he has less problems with his digestive system.

A rich person is seldom involved in physical labor. He is angry and upset most of the time. A poor person has to do a lot of physical work, so he is seldom ill.

A rich person does not bestow benefits but enjoys blessings. His blessings will diminish, and he will become poor. A poor person works hard to give benefits to other people, and he will be rich once the time is right.

Where the protection of clothing, food and shelter is strong, the spiritual protection seems to be weak. When the material protection is weak, the spiritual protection will rise to protect the body. Why?


Go for Balance

The heart is fire-like, and the kidney is water-like, and they are interdependent. When water rises and fire sinks, steam will be generated within our body. This will activate all our internal organs into coordinated movements, giving rise to a healthy body.

We can easily observe this phenomenon from our tongue. By careful observation of our tongue, we can tell the health conditions of various internal organs inside our body.

There are people who are still online after midnight and they do it everyday. This is against our advice on life cultivation. Even some well-known physicians have fallen into this trap. Also, these physicians are misers. They will not be able to take care of themselves, how can we expect them to take care of other people?

Beware of greed. Try to save a few pennies when you shop. Try to win a big lottery when you buy lotteries. These are all manifestations of greed.

When a person is greedy, his mind is not peaceful and calm. His mind is constantly in a wave-like environment. His mind will never rest. Then he is likely to have heart and blood circulation problems.

He does not understand life cultivation. He does not obey the law of Nature. He cannot live a carefree life.

In life cultivation, we show a person how to live his life so that he will be strong and active. We show a person how to look after himself so that he will not be sick. We show him ways of detecting signs of imbalance of his body conditions and how to deal with them in the beginning stages so that he can cure himself.

If we let a small illness grow into a big illness, we are not capable of looking after ourselves. We should then seek professional care. When we seek professional help, we have to find someone who is really concerned about our health, and just the money.


As practitioners of life cultivation, we sometimes do not realize that we are ill. This is the biggest hurdle for us to return to health. If we do not know we are ill, we are not likely to seek a remedy, right?

How many people know that they are ill? Why do people ignore the fact that they are not well? Why do they deny that being overweight will lead to more serious illnesses?

First of all, have no fear. Do not be afraid of death. We should believe that we can recover from our illness or dysfunctionality. Furthermore, our body can be extraordinarily healthy to ensure longevity. This is because we are born with a self-healing ability. This is not just an empty word to comfort us.

Second, rely on ourselves. We should believe that medication is not the only solution for us to recover from illness. Our body will take charge and we will come out in a wonderful way.

Third, no disturbance. Beginning from now, we should decide not to disturb our sick body. We should not think about why we are sick and become depressed. Good or bad we should not think about it. Just leave it alone.

Fourth, rest. During this recovery period, we should not think about our work. We should not regret that we have lost time and work. We should just have a simple mind. Rest. Otherwise, the recovery will be delayed.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we know that for people who concentrate on life cultivation programs, three tenths of them die from the programs. What happens?

These people love their body too much. For the sake of their physical body, they are afraid of being humiliated or being favored. They are afraid of losing wealth, or being fooled. They are forever looking forward and backward, or looking left and right, fearing and suffering. In this way, their heart shrinks into walnut-like all day, as if it has been repeatedly bitten by dogs. How can they not be dead?

The more we are afraid of death, the faster we will die. If we are really into life cultivation, we should not be afraid of death. Only when we are not afraid of death, will we attain longevity and health.

A person who is not afraid of death will not encounter a tiger when he walks. The tiger will not eat him even if he does. He will not encounter a knife or a gun during a war. He will not be hurt even if he does. Why?

It is because he does not take death seriously. If a person is not afraid of death, death can do no harm to him.

For a practitioner of monasticism, life cultivation is not his goal. A practitioner has already seen through life and death, so he is no longer afraid of death. Since he is no longer afraid of death, then death is no longer a problem for him. Once he is oblivious to life and death, what else matters to him?

Therefore, a practitioner of monasticism may live forever. When a person does not push to live forever, he may end up living a long life. When a person deliberately pursues longevity, he may die soon.

Longevity is not the purpose of monasticism, it is only an incidental phenomenon of monasticism.


Death penalty

The modern hospital is similar to the court. It frequently gives its patient the death sentence. In some cases, the death penalty is imposed on those who should not be sentenced to death. What do we mean?

Let us take a cancer patient as an example. Cancer is now equal to the death penalty in people’s minds. In fact, if we do not call it cancer, then for the patient, it is equivalent to leaving a hope for the patient, which is equivalent to leaving a vibrancy for him. Therefore, one may say that most of the cancer patients now are scared to death. They are tortured by mental stress. They are tortured to death by hospitals. What?

Once a person is diagnosed with cancer, then the hospital can deal with him unscrupulously. If the patient goes on living, he is lucky. If the patient dies, he is fated to die because he has cancer.

In fact, there is no illness that cannot be cured. It depends on whether the mind of a person can let go. An illness that originates from the mind can be cured with the mind. As long as a person is alive, he will have the vibrancy to continue to live. Once he finds this vibrancy and cures the illness in the right way, he will recover.

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