The Art of Life Cultivation Part Eight


Daily practice and routines

For those who want a simple life cultivation practice without the concepts and principles, we hereby offer a simplified daily living blueprint to those who want a quick fix.

We give advice on sleeping, practice routine in the morning, practice routine daily, and practice routine in the evening.

For life cultivation practitioners like us, all we do is try to develop healthy living habits. Good habits are natural and simple. Don’t complicate it. Please bear in mind that our guidance presented here is simply that, guides. You may have to modify them for your own body constitution. Our standard practices are as follows:



We must have adequate sleep. It will maintain our body and kidney essence. It will energize our circulation systems. It will do maintenance and repair to our body.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we do not stay up late, so we will not feel tired for lack of sufficient sleep. We must be in deep sleep from 1100 pm to 0300 am. If we need six hours of sleep, we may then sleep from 1100 pm to 0500 am. If we need eight hours of sleep, we may then sleep from 0900 pm to 0500 am.

We will avoid eating too much food or drinking too much water after 0500 pm to get the best sleep.

For more information, refer to another article on Sleep and Insomnia.

Practice for morning session

Upon waking up while in bed, we will practice Mustang Tuna Technique Level One in bed for normal maintenance. If we have internal organs that need to be repaired, we will practice Mustang Tuna Technique Level Two in bed. Then practice Mustang Shenzhan Technique for a while, again, in bed.

This procedure will also help with constipation if we have it. It will also help with our digestive system, especially for those of us who complain that we do not feel hungry in the morning.

We will do this set of practice in the dark, with our mind focused on the practice.

Then we get up from bed and turn on the light, signalling to our body that we are awake. We then sip a small cup of warm water, feeling the water going to our stomach and gas coming out our mouth with small hiccups. We are waking up our stomach and digestive system.

Now we go to the toilet and take care of urgent matters. We check our urine and poops and we note any abnormality.

Now we wash our face, brush our teeth, and perform the Qiyang Procedure to activate our five sensory organs as it applies to our head and five sensory organs so as to improve our five senses and to wake up our head and brain.

If we want or if we have the time, we will perform some Mustang Tuina Technique to our body from the neck to the feet to revitalize our body. Then we practice hand exercises especially if our liver and associated system is performing under par.

If our surrounding environment is favorable, we will go for an outdoor walk to be with Nature for a while. If the outdoor environment is not favorable, we will practice some procedures from Mustang Shenzhan Technique for as much as we enjoy doing.

We will practice Mustang Jingzuo Technique as needed to cultivate our mind. Then we are all set to start the day with fresh energy in a very good mood.
We practice everyday. Perseverance will keep illness away.


Daily activities

When a person suffers from constipation, he will have stagnate stool, leading to gas turbidity. He will feel upset and irritated. He may suffer from chest tightness and shortness of breath. It may damage his kidneys leading to backache, nausea and vomiting.

Here is a simple remedy. Place both back hands on top of the kidney area, press and massage hard to stimulate the kidneys. It may then accelerate the bowel movements.

Here is another simple remedy. When walking, press and massage the kidney area with both back hands to relieve backache symptoms.

He should pay attention to the type of foods he eats. He should avoid eating foods that conflict with his body constitution.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we train ourselves to have a good night sleep and poop regularly in the morning. Moreover, we do not skip breakfast.

We always have a very rich breakfast, taking in much protein that we need for the day. We are aware that different foods have different effects on different body constitution. We are what we eat.

We avoid overeating without restraint. We avoid eating after 0500 pm. We follow the Mustang Dietary Technique on foods and eating.

We drink plenty of water. We drink water regularly. We drink water when we are thirsty.

We swallow hard to swallow our own saliva. It helps to maintain our kidneys. It is especially good for those of us who have a Type D Yinxu body constitution.

Urination: When we feel the urgency, we do it right away.

Take a break for ten minutes after working for one or two hours. We generally perform some procedures from the Mustang Shenzhan Technique to adjust our body.

Practice for evening session

As practitioners of life cultivation, before bedtime, we perform some procedures from the Mustang Shenzhan Technique.

Some of us will do foot care before bedtime to aid in deep sleep by following the Mustang Tuina Technique.

Some of us will do kidney maintenance by following the Mustang Tuna Technique and the Mustang Tuina Technique.

Notes on foot care: As practitioners of life cultivation, we pay special attention to keeping our feet warm for it helps to maintain our kidneys.

Therefore, we try not to align our feet with the air conditioner or electric fan while sleeping. Moreover, we avoid walking barefoot in damp places.


Call to Action Summary

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Future episodes for this series:

  • Sexual differences
  • When you are middle-aged
  • Stories

Stay tuned for the next episode: Sexual differences in life cultivation

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