New ways on stomach health SII

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Since ancient times, traditional herbal medicine has paid more attention to the maintenance and treatment of the spleen and stomach. Many famous herbal medicine doctors believe that the treatment of spleen and stomach illnesses is very important, because dysfunctional spleen and stomach can affect the overall function.

There are many kinds of spleen and stomach illnesses. If there is a problem with the spleen and stomach, it will directly affect the circulation of vital-energy and blood and the absorption of nutrients, which can easily cause health problems in other parts of the body or organs.

Generally, spleen and stomach illnesses can be divided into two types: (1) the fire in the gallbladder rises and takes advantage of the stomach, and (2) liver depression and vital-energy stagnation cause spleen deficiency.

On this basis, it may be due to climate change or human body constitution variations that the difference between deficiency and excess, or between cold and heat is likely to appear, throwing our body out of balance. Thus, health issues associated with the stomach and spleen arise.

Which factors are likely to cause changes that affect our stomach and spleen?

Different external factors can lead to different illnesses of the spleen and stomach, and each illness of the spleen and stomach has its own characteristics, which need dialectical diagnoses before treatment.

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