Songs of Aging and Death


Everyone will age, but some people age gracefully and happily, while others age sadly. The main reason for this difference is that people have different understandings and answers to aging.

We should not be afraid of aging, but accept aging calmly, cherish the present, and live every day steadily and happily.

To live happily and freely on the road to aging, to grow old calmly and proudly.

Let us see how other people voice their ideas.

01 Answer to Aging by Fang Ming

Children don’t think about old age, and of course fresh and young life doesn’t even believe in death. Young people have no time to think about old age, and it is impossible for a blazing fire to understand ashes.

However, one day the magnetic field of aging and death will take away every iron nail in the world.

I think about my aging because the waterline of age has made me tremble and amazed. I can even feel in my dreams that the boat of life is gradually sinking.

“But don’t be afraid!” I comforted myself. Life is just climbing. Going up, it’s nothing but a quiet snow peak.

Death may not be a skeleton wearing a black robe. It should be as sacred as birth, and I have imagined my own old state such as:

The phoenix trees with fallen leaves in late Autumn. The deserted village is half covered by wind and sand. The sunset in the heart, sinking in the dusk of years, the sparse white grass fluttering on the wrinkled cliff top. The trembling and stagnant handwriting, the mysterious flower mirror and so on.

Borrowing a ray of sunshine that is rare in Winter, reviewing the whole process of life, and I want to ask myself, “Are you tired?”

Looking back on the past, the highest happiness should be that the mind cannot be calm.

I am very plain, and it is impossible to live without regrets; I am very ordinary, and I dare not expect extravagant fame.

I would rather be an exhausted camel, dying on the way to no end. I would rather be a galloping horse, stumbling on an unclimbable mountain.

Let the boat of my life sink and sink in the stormy sea, and let the songs in my heart live forever in praise, criticism and reputation. I am willing to accept all gifts from the God of Destiny, and only reject one thing: mediocrity.

I don’t want worldly happiness, but I am willing to seek real gold through hardships and twists.

Proud even when I grow old: behold, such is the life of a true man!

White hair is like silver, it is the crystallization of wisdom. Teeth fall out, it is the hardships experienced. I will still be heroic and optimistic, but my thoughts will become as deep as the sea.

Destiny! How can you change my nature? I’d say, “I’ve lived, I’ve thought, and I’ve spent my whole life doing little but I have cultivated. “

I would like my body to be a withered weed, and I don’t want to be surrounded by fats and groans. I would like my head to be a hub of rolling wheels, and I would never hide in the shade of flowers because of my selfish desire. I would want my long arm to be a sign post, and I would never have dreamed of being a roadblock for future generations. This is the beauty of old people.

Beauty is solemn. Beauty is dignified. Every face wrinkle engraved by the years is an intriguing trace of life. This is my resume, my inscription, the scrutiny of my will power, and the accurate measurement of my ability.

Moreover, the closer you are to death, the deeper your love for the world. Even if the body is like a mottled ancient temple, the soul is still like a huge bronze bell. Every impact of life will make a deep and distant sound.

If one day, I am squeezed out of this human world by future generations, then the mountains are my tombs, and the rivers are my laughter. On the monument of the noble man of mankind, my name will surely be found!

Anyone is going to be old. Someday, when we get old, have you ever imagined how you will be?

This is the song of Fang Ming who sang it at age 78. What will our song be? Mind you. The kind of song you sing will not affect how you will live this life, it will also affect your family and those who live around you. Let us listen to the song of another person as below.

02 When I Grow Old by Jing Yidan

When you get old, you have to get better.
Be the best you can be, just like melons and fruits ripen, fireworks soaring into the sky, releasing the last beauty, the last fragrance and love in a soothing way. And last, do your best.

When you get older, you need peace of mind.
It is like a river flowing into the sea, like an old tree with a vigorous trunk. We look back at where we came from, everything is calm, everything has been chosen, and there are no more regrets. We spread out our hands: the left hand indicates our experience, and the right hand are the lessons we have learned.

When you get old, it’s like a famous actor’s curtain call.
The body is modest and the mind is confident. Hidden deep in the corners of our eyes and brows is the calmness we have after accumulated experience. The curtain was falling and the sound of music was fading. Everything was gone, and only the light of dignity shone behind the scenes.

When getting old is to get up and go back to being a child.
It may not look like a child with white hair, but it tends to be pure and innocent in its heart.

We are getting old but the world is still young and beautiful operating in a cycle. The baby is crying in this world that has sheltered our smiles and tears. Another reincarnation is going on in the sensual world of sound and color.

What is your thought on getting old? Put it down on your Life Journal.

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