Our Body Constitution I

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As practitioners of holistic wellness (aka life cultivation), we like to take care of our body so that our body is in perfect balance and we are in perfect health. Thus we need to know what the perfectly balanced body is, and what our body is compared with the perfectly balanced body. Next we need to know how to adjust our imperfect body into a perfectly balanced one.

You are now over fifty years old. Think back to the time when you are at your prime. Do you want to go back to the age when you are perfectly healthy? You do? Let us do it now.

In herbal medicine, we classify our body constitution into nine types. The perfectly balanced body is Type A Pinghe Type (aka Balanced type, neutral type). The other eight types are deviations from Type A. The study and use of this classification system has become popular in the last forty years. We frequently use it to adjust our body to make it perfect.

In this multi-part article, we will differentiate the basic characteristics of each body constitution type. We will then discuss how we can adjust our body so that it becomes a Type A body constitution, a perfectly balanced body.

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