Massage Lungs and Large Intestine

As practitioners of Life Cultivation, we understand that once our breath is smooth, we will feel comfortable throughout. Therefore, let us talk about how we can take good care of our lungs and large intestine.

Inside our body, our lungs and intestine are shaped like an ancient couple living together in the large intestine house. Traditionally, the male or the lungs works outside the house, and the female or the large intestine governs whatever happens inside the house. The male works outside the house to earn a living, while the female manages housework at home.

The lungs inhale fresh air and send it home. The large intestine then is full of air which allows it to function normally. It will then remove the dross, and keep the house clean.

The Lungs

Look at the diagram above. Pay attention to the dotted blue line and the solid red lines. For the time being, forget the red acupoints. The Lung Meridian starts from the large intestine, going first to the shoulder, then down the arm to the fingers. What should we do so our lungs will function normally? We know of three ways.

01 Massage

Massaging certain acupoints will relieve coughing. It will also moisten the lungs. The acupoints are called Yunmen Acupoint and Zhongfu Acupoint as depicted in the diagram.

The Lung Meridian travels from the body to the shoulder and exits from the Zhongfu and Yunmen Acupoints on the shoulder. If rubbing the two points gives us pain, that part of the meridian is probably blocked.

How do we take care of the pain? We will try to unblock the corresponding meridian, of course.

We may use a large vacuum cup to treat the area. We apply the vacuum cup to the two acupoints and suck out the air there. Since the two acupoints are close to each other, we can use one suction to treat both acupoints and get rid of the invading evil spirits.

Once we apply the suction, and if the spot is red, then we have inner heat in our body. If the spot is purple and black, we have an inner cold in our body. If the skin is blistered, we have excessive moisture in our body.

If the coughing is in the early stage, we may immediately stimulate and rub the Zhongfu and Feishu Acupoints. Alternatively, we may pull a vacuum cup for five minutes. Coughing will be relieved immediately. A colleague uses this method to treat her husband’s coughing when he has a fever and a cold. It has been tried and tested and it worked.

02 Rub the wrists often to clear the nose

Our lungs like to be warm and are afraid of the cold. The skin on the wrist is thin, and if it is exposed to the cold for a long time, our lung-energy will definitely be damaged when we become old. It is not good for our hearts either. The Cunkou Acupoint which is closest to our wrist is especially vulnerable to the cold.

When our body suddenly feels cold we will have a runny nose. We should immediately check our hands and the back of our neck to see whether they are exposed to the cold. We should immediately rub our wrists especially the Cunkou Acupoint until it becomes warm. We will then feel the back of our neck become warm at the same time. The runny nose will stop, and we will have avoided a cold.

03 Bloodletting: Shaoshang Acupoint

According to herbal medicine, treating the distal ends of the four limbs and pricking the collaterals can dissipate inner body heat and eliminate fire.

The Shaoshang Acupoint on the fingertips is especially suitable for bloodletting, which can relieve lung-heat.

If we have a cough caused by anger, we should let blood out of the Shaoshang Acupoint.

Once our friend suffered from such a condition. He was very angry and he coughed violently. He had nothing handy to let blood out, so he used the fingernail of his right thumb to tap the Shaoshang Acupoint on his left hand. Of course it is painful, but he gritted his teeth and persisted for one minute, the pain finally was over. Then he repeated the procedure once more. In the end, the pain caused his hand to go numb, but his body felt much better. He ate a bowl of porridge for dinner and fell asleep, and the next day he was fine.

Additional Considerations on pulmonary manifestations

The condition of our lungs is reflected on the area between our eyebrows on our face.

If this area is red, blue, with spots and acne, the functions of our lungs are impaired. If the area has pox or redness (accompanied by dry cough), the lungs suffer from inner heat. If the area is dark or blue, the lung suffers from inner cold.

We may also judge the condition of the lungs (and ultimately our kidneys) by our voice. A low voice indicates a deficiency of lung-energy. A hoarse and aphonic voice indicates our lungs are bundled by wind and inner cold.

Call to Action

Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

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Stay tuned for the next episode: Massage lungs and Large Intestine Part Two.

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