Mind Cultivation Part One

Cultivate your mind so that it is calm and peaceful

For life cultivation practitioners like us, mind cultivation is broadly interpreted to be the preservation of the heart and its extension, the mind. Besides the physical organ, the heart, we also strive to have a mentally balanced mind.

Once we are mentally balanced, we will have good functioning internal organs, our vital energy and blood will be abundant and smooth. We will be in a homeostasis state, and we will lead a life of longevity.

How do we achieve mental balance?

Quote from Huangdi Neijing: Peaceful, void, null

Quote from Mengzi: Less desire.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we spend a lot of time interpreting and practicing the meanings behind the quotes.

People with high morals

The foundation of high moralities is to do good deeds.

People with high moralities tend to have functional internal organs, with balanced blood and vital energy flow, thus longevity.

Quote Zhuangzi: With a peaceful mind, trouble will not invade you, and evil spirit will not attack you.

Quote Guanzi: For a person with a peaceful mind, his skin is tight, his ears and eyes are sharp, his ligaments are solid and his bones are strong.

Quote Xunzi: A moral person will be happy, leading to longevity.

Quote Confucius: A highly moral person will live a long life.

Quote Sun Simiao: A person with no morality, even if fed the best medicine, will not live a long life. A person with high daily moralities will reap happiness without praying for it, and live a long life without asking for it. This is the essence of life cultivation.

Conversely, people with no morals will be easily sick and live short lives. A researcher in Brazil published a study after thirty years. He concluded that people who commit bribes have much higher rates of cancer, heart and brain diseases. Thus, high morals are a prerequisite for longevity.

People who are benevolent

Benevolence is the central piece of Confucius thinking. The central thinking are

“We must stand steadily in order to help those who have fallen. We must be well off in order to help the poor people. “

A benevolent person will help poor people. He is a person with kindness and is happy to help. However, he first must have the necessary strength.

“If we do not want it, do not impose it on other people.”

Specifically, when a person practices benevolence in life, it will be manifested as kong, kuan, xin, min, hui, zhi, yong, zhong, shu, xiao, and di.

  • Kong refers to respect and humility.
  • Kuan refers to tolerance and generosity.
  • Xin refers to honesty and trust and faith.
  • Min refers to diligence.
  • Hui refers to submissiveness.
  • Zhi refers to wisdom and resourcefulness.
  • Yong refers to courage and bravery.
  • Zhong refers to loyalty and dedication.
  • Shu refers to forgiveness.
  • Xiao refers to filial piety.
  • Di refers to respect for the righteousness of brothers.

Thus, a benevolent person will exhibit characters and personality as listed above.

When a person becomes a benevolent person, his mind will definitely be broad and happy. He will not exhibit resentment or anger. He will not commit a crime so he has no fear. Thus a benevolent person will have a long life.

A kind person will have warmth in his heart, relieve anxiety in his mind, so he will seldom be sick. On the other hand, a malicious person will be scheming against other people, or guarding against them. His energy flow will be turbulent and out of balance, so he will become sick and die young.

There is a story in a book. A scholar passed an examination in an improper way. However, he befriends righteous people. His appearance is upright, but he is cowardly in his mind. He died after one year.

Call to Action

Folks, that is all for now. If you think this article may be beneficial to your friends and loved-ones, feel free to forward this article to them. Life cultivation is mostly for older people with declining body health. If you are young and energetic, this may not be your cup of tea. However, if you have family members or friends who are middle-aged or older, they may want to practice life cultivation to maintain a life without pain or medication.

This is an extract of the full treatise published in the Mustang BodyWorks Series, a paid-subscription. You may buy this full treatise for the price of US$5.00-20.00, using your PayPal account.

Stay tuned for the next episode: Mind Cultivation Part Two.

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