Water Therapy Removes Fatigue I


As practitioners of life cultivation, we know that It is really nice for a woman to use water immersion of feet to get rid of tiredness at the end of the day. A woman who is in high heels for the whole day will be dead tired when she goes home. It would be nice to immerse her feet in a bucket of hot water and relax. It will increase blood circulation and lessen pain. As blood circulation increases to her feet, she will relax. Gone will be the tiredness.

The water therapy of immersing our feet in hot water will increase the immune system of the body, protecting the body from various toxics. The therapy will increase blood circulation.

Now we will discuss how the therapy will help to maintain our body back to the norm.

If you suffer from cold hands and cold feet in the Winter, your body is weak and your blood circulation is slow. Use ginger in your water therapy for one to two weeks. The coldness in your hands and feet will go away and it is likely not to return.

If you suffer from arthritis, use ginger and salt in your water therapy three times a week for three months. You will get back to normal.

Additives can be added to the water for the foot bath. Different additives have different added effects depending on the nature of the additives.

Additive One. White Vinegar

With the addition of white vinegar, it will increase our metabolism rate. It will help with our skin. It will relax us. It will help with our sleep. It will decrease the stickiness of our blood and soften our blood vessels. It will probably prevent high blood pressure or the hardening of the arteries.

The use of white vinegar in water therapy is good for blood cleansing, skin whitening, and removal of acnes. It is a defense against insomnia. It helps with countless dreams.

For the same reason, it is very popular for the Japanese to eat vinegar eggs. It is equally effective if we were to eat one teaspoon of vinegar daily. Some of us choose to switch to oil and vinegar as our favorite salad dressing.

Additive Two. Safflower and wormwood

Wormwood will increase blood circulation. For a woman who feels cold, or has a cool uterus, it is especially useful. If it is used in combination with safflower in water therapy, it will increase blood circulation of a woman, making her feel warmth.

Safflower, Carthamus tinctorius, is a highly branched, herbaceous, thistle-like annual plant in the family Asteraceae. It is commercially cultivated for vegetable oil extracted from the seeds and was used by the early Spanish colonies along the Rio Grande as a substitute for saffron.

The use of safflower in water therapy will help to improve varicose veins. If we massage the feet at the same time, it is even more beneficial. However, the water temperature should not be too hot.

The use of safflower with salt in water therapy is a good defense against twitching or numbness of hands and feet. It is an indication of inflammation of nerve ends. It happens more often in Autumn and Winter. Remember to add salt to the water. If you do it for three days, the symptoms will probably go away.

If you are recovering from an injury, your body may probably retain blood clogs inside. The use of safflower with vinegar in water therapy is a good help to remove the blood clogs. Do it for 20 minutes per session, it will speed up the recovery.

Artemisia absinthium is a species of Artemisia, native to temperate regions of Eurasia and North Africa, and widely naturalized in Canada and the northern United States. It is grown as an ornamental plant and is used as an ingredient in the spirit absinthe and some other alcoholic beverages.

Additive Three: Ginger

Read on.

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