Best Time for Activities


As practitioners of life cultivation, we pay more and more attention to our daily routines on doing ordinary chores. We know there are certain times to do certain activities to yield maximum results. Moreover, we deliberately incorporate certain ordinary activities such as house cleaning and dish washing into our life cultivation practice.

Do you know

What is the best time to sleep?

What is the best time to poop?

What is the best time to take a bath?

What is the best time to drink tea?

What is the best time to drink milk?

What is the best time to eat fruits?

What is the best time to brush our teeth?

What is the best time to bask in the sun?

What is the best time for exercising?

What is the best time for skincare?

The best time to sleep

We should take an afternoon nap after one in the afternoon. At this time our energy has begun to decline and it is easy to fall asleep. Go to bed before eleven in the evening. It is conducive to the repair and rest of the body’s various internal organs.

The best time to poop

We should take a poop in the morning upon waking up, between five and seven in the morning. At this time our pooping function is the most active. Also, there is a lot of accumulation of waste from the day before.

If for some reason we cannot poop at this time slot. We will wait until after breakfast to do it. It just indicates that the digestive system is working way below par. It takes sometimes for the body to accumulate sufficient energy to do the task.

It is perfectly alright if we take another poop later in the day whenever the urge is there. We do not hold it when the urge comes for body cultivation.

The best time to take a bath

Take a warm bath before going to bed every night. It will relax our muscles and joints, speed up the blood and vital energy circulation, calm our mind, and make the quality of sleep better.

t is about body cultivation, not cleaning our body.

The best time to drink tea

The best time to drink tea for health is one hour after a meal. Many people like to drink hot tea during a meal or immediately after eating. Is it good?

The tannic acid contained in tea will combine with the iron in the food and interfere with the body’s absorption of iron, which will cause anemia over time.

This is about body cultivation, not convenience.

The best time to drink milk

Drink a glass of milk before going to bed. It is rich in calcium. This will help with leg pain caused by low blood calcium at night. This happens to many middle-aged or old-aged people. In addition, milk also has a hypnotic effect which helps elderly to sleep better.

This action may make us urinate more often during the night. We will have to choose carefully.

The best time to eat fruits

We should eat fruits one hour before meals. Most fruits are eaten in raw and cold form. When we eat raw and cold foods and then warm cooked foods, the white blood cells will not increase, thus reducing the effect of the immune system.

This is about body cultivation, not convenience.

The best time to brush our teeth

Brush our teeth and gargle three minutes after a meal. At this point, bacteria in our mouth have begun to decompose food residues. The acidic substances thus produced will corrode and dissolve our tooth enamel, which will cause teeth damage.

This is about body cultivation, not teeth appearance.

The best time to bask in the sun

Sunbathing should be done within 9 am and 5 pm for best results. During this time ultraviolet rays from the sun will seduce our body to produce vitamin D, strengthen the body’s immunity, and prevent the weakening of the bones.

It is about life cultivation, not girl watching.

The best time for exercising

We should exercise in the late afternoon or early evening instead of in the morning. Our body’s performance and adaptability are the best in the afternoon. At this time, the human body’s sense of hearing, vision and taste are the most sensitive. The coordination will be enhanced. Blood pressure and heart rate are relatively stable and suitable for exercise.

The best time for skincare

We should work on our skincare from midnight to six the next morning. Apply the skincare products before eleven, go to bed, and let the skincare products work until the next morning.

During this period of time, our skin metabolism is most vigorous. We will thus achieve the best skin care effect and help to protect the health of the skin to promote metabolism.

This is about body cultivation, not good-looking.


As practitioners of life cultivation, we should choose the best time slot for each activity to maximize the effect of health preservation. We should adopt efficient daily routines and lifestyles. We will not stay up late. We will pay attention to nutrition in our diet, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. We will not be picky in our foods.

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