The art of life cultivation 01

Helping the 50+ to live an active, carefree, happy and healthy life in a ten parts series.

Benefits of of life cultivation


Everyone in this world has four sufferings. He was born. He grows old. He will be sick. He will die. If a person wishes to live an active, carefree, happy and healthy life, he should learn and practice life cultivation. He should learn about the aging process and learn how to disrupt it in a most natural and painless way. When he learns life cultivation, and applies what he learns, he can expect to live a happy life without illness and pain.

What are the expected results from practicing the art of life cultivation?

He can expect to stay away from the hospital, the doctor, and medication. He will avoid pain. He will live a healthy and happy life.

It will not cost him an arm and a leg to learn and practice life cultivation. He can learn in a short time by learning from the writings presented in this website. He will probably save huge medical expenses and lead a happy life.

When a person looks around himself, he may see the pain of a bone cancer patient before he dies. The pain is unbearably acute.

He may see how his friends and relatives live with joint pains. He may have suffered living in pain himself.

He may have seen how a stroke patient lives out his life. Is it with dignity and grace?

He may have known someone who has lost all his assets for medical expenses until he lives a dirt poor life.

He may have friends and relatives living unhappily because their parents are bedridden.

He may have seen other sufferings and hardship due to aging.

He will be able to avoid all these if he learns and practices life cultivation.

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What will you learn


In our life cultivation program, you will learn the following subject matters:

01 The best time to learn life-cultivation
02 Basic life-cultivation concept
03 Life-cultivation principles
04 Surroundings and you
05 Mind cultivation and you
06 Body cultivation and you
06 Fitness exercises and you
07 Food and you
08 How to do self checkup
09 How to make observation
10 How to void off Illness
11 How to do micro adjustments to lead a healthy lifestyle
12 A variety of Mustang techniques including tuna technique, tuina technique, vital force technique, jingzuo technique, ruding technique, shenzhan technique, fangzhong technique, dietary technique, and others.

Support from us

Once your physical body has attained the state as pictured on the left, we can support you no more. However, if your physical body is similar to the photo on the right, we can support you in many ways for you to continue to live a healthy life.

We will show you how to learn about disrupting the aging process in life cultivation. Then you will be keen on putting it into practice to live an active and happy life.

You may read about life cultivation by reading articles and books on life cultivation. Then you practice it by following the advice. This is our recommended way for you to learn and practice life cultivation.

If you prefer to follow a more patterned way of learning, then subscribe to Mustang BodyWorks Infoletter. They will be sent to you by email. You may then read them at your own home at your own pace, and practice them as you wish. If you have a question, you can write to get an answer. You may also call someone.

You may consider joining Mustang Virtual Body Building Immersive Program. Learn life cultivation in an intensive program. It is designed for those people who always want to learn something fast. This is actually bad in life cultivation so we only do it occasionally.

You may join a Mustang Personalized Program to receive personalized service. It is similar to having a personal trainer at a gym. It is offered on an as needed basis.

You may join our Health Workshops or Health Retreats. You will be learning in a group environment in a workshop. You will be learning and experiencing a group environment in a retreat. They are offered on an as needed basis.

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Stay tuned for the next part of the series

The best time to learn the art of life cultivation

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