As we age series: happiness is always with us

When we cannot solve a problem when the flowers blossom, then let us wait until the flowers fall.

After our mid-life crisis, let us collect happiness from the small little things.

People are looking for happiness all their lives, and they are eager to hold happiness in the palm of their hands for a long time.

However life is always stumbling, more bitter than happy. We sometimes suspect that maybe we are just not lucky, until we heard this story.

A female painter had a large garden, unattended, overgrown with weeds. Her friend felt sorry for her and asked her why she didn’t plant something beautiful.

She replied softly:

I planted the wind. The wind is beautiful, the wind blows on the grass, and the way the grass swings is also beautiful.

Many times, life is like this garden without flowers, and happiness comes from our inner self. If we look carefully, everything is beautiful.

In the season when everything grows, we shall share with you the little things that make us happy.

01 Smile to Warm

Poet Rabindranath Tagore said:

When a man smiles, the world will love him.

No matter when, remember to keep smiling.

Never never say that life is hard and there is nothing to smile about.

Turn the wind and rain into a rainbow with a smile. Turn the bumps into a smooth road with a smile. Change frustration into open-mindedness with a smile.

People who love to laugh will not be stuck with bad luck.

Relax your brows and raise the corners of your mouth. The secret to happiness is the smile you put on your face.

02 Enjoy loneliness

Sanmao wrote in Tender Night:

I like moderate solitude, the most liberating moment in my mind, and I am always reluctant to share it with others.

Be a lonely walker and refuse meaningless social interaction.

Calm down, talk to yourself, and enjoy being alone.

The best practice in life is to learn to be alone, to control the rhythm of your own life, and to meet your true self.

03 Enjoy your food

No matter how busy life is, don’t forget to eat well.

There is no problem in this world that a good meal cannot solve.

The smoke from cooking is the most soothing to the hearts of mortals.

A bowl of hot noodles, a pot of yam pork ribs soup, no matter how unsatisfactory you are, you can dissolve them in the food.

Don’t perfuse your stomach, order less takeout, go to the kitchen more, mix meat and vegetables, and eat on time. Treat your three meals a day with heart, and only when you are full will you have the strength to welcome a brand new day.

04 Read books often

As the saying goes:

The purpose of reading is not to achieve much, but to give you an inner strength when you are beaten back to your original shape by life and stuck in a quagmire.

When you are confused, reading is a lamp, which can dispel the fog, illuminate the front, give people hope, and give people happiness.

People who love reading, even if they fall into trivialities for a while, their hearts are still full of flowers.

05 Keep exercising

As the saying goes:

The best doctors of man are air, sunlight, and exercise.

Running, yoga, swimming, and so on, no matter what it is, stick to it for three months, and you will find that your whole body has improved.

Someone we know went to prison for copyright infringement. When he was released from prison, he looked stunningly great. The pain in the cervical spine is gone. The posture is more upright. The mood is stable and the complexion is better. He has been exercising for more than a year in prison, His new occupation was a dance instructor.

A better life starts with exercising. When you’re anxious, go for exercise, and when you’re sweating, all the stress goes away.

When you are in a good mood, life will be enjoyable.

06 Clean your room

The best quality of a home is cleanliness.

A friend we know was lazy. Things in her room piled up and became more and more messy. Every time she saw it, she felt depressed.

She finally went into action. It took a day for her to tidy up on the weekend, sorting and rearranging things, wiping the dust in the corners carefully, and throwing things away. Looking at the bright and clean house, her body and mind are happy.

To tidy up the room is to tidy up the mind.

A person’s attitude towards home determines the appearance of life.

07 Early to bed

In the world of adults, it is always a habit to leave the knots that cannot be untied during the day until night. The deeper they stay up for the nights to solve problems, the worse the body gets.

You are just an ordinary person, let go of things that cannot be solved. Rest when you’re tired, go to bed early when you’re sleepy, try to slow down, let go, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Love yourself well, if you cannot solve the problem while the flowers are blooming, then wait for the flowers to fall.

Don’t go to bed too late, don’t think too much.

08 Spend more time with your family

Lin Yutang said:

Happiness is nothing more than four things:

One is to sleep on one’s own bed. The other is to eat meals cooked by parents. The third is to chat with your lover about homey things, and the fourth is to play games with your children.

No amount of money can replace companionship.

When you reach middle age, you should cherish the days when there are old people and young people around you.

A family together, healthy, free from illness and disaster, is the greatest happiness in this life.

09 Learn to let go

Nine out of ten times life is unsatisfactory. You should always think about the one, and not think about the nine.

As the saying goes:

When you let go in one thought, you will be at ease in everything. When you think with an open mind, the world will be wide open.

Believe that what you lose in one place, you will gain in another.

There are some troubles, throw them away, and then there will be a chance for calm and breezy.

You have to learn to let go, be indifferent to gains and losses. Let nature take its course, not be disturbed by your heart, and not trapped by your emotions. In this way, happiness can always be with you.

10 Live a slow life

We don’t know when it started. We no longer take walks or just be dazed. We no longer watch the flowers bloom and fall in the courtyard. We no longer treat our life as precious.

We are busy with work, busy with making money, busy with buying a bigger house. Romance is lost in the busyness, including the romance of living.

The breeze is intoxicating, and the years are quiet and beautiful. You might as well calm down and experience it slowly.

Feel with your heart, cherish with your heart, poetry and happiness in life.

11 Follow the course

The years are always the same with spring, summer, autumn and winter. We go from the summer heat to the winter cold. The sun, moon and stars move around us. Switching is natural and alternation is common. It should be a matter of course. Just adapt, just adapt.

Life is always flowers blooming and butterflies flying, grass withering and leaves falling. You come and go with new things replacing the old. Those who come are accidental and those who go are inevitable, while all are taken for granted. Just follow your nature and just follow your heart.

Life is always full of ups and downs, busy work, honors and disgraces, mixed ups and downs. It is your destiny to get it, and it is your luck to lose it. Heaven giving is a matter of course, just be indifferent, just be content.

Bi Shumin said:

Happiness is not synchronized with wealth, status, prestige, and marriage, it is just the feeling of your heart.

Happiness does not exist in those once-in-a-lifetime good fortune, but in the trivial things and joys that happen every day.

Life is not easy, but it can be simple.

What makes your life happy? List it here and read it to lift your spirit to happiness.

End of post.

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