As We Age: Let go of the load

How to grow old, the choice is in our own hands. We can choose to grow old gracefully, and live a healthy and joyful life. We can also choose to grow old miserably, and live a disgraceful life.

When we are old and unable to take care of ourselves, the truth may be more cruel than imagined. There may be situations that are out of our control.

04 Let go of the load

Eiko Yamashita wrote:

Severance, from a deep point of view, is to reorganize our life to live in the present.

When we reach a certain age, we lose the carefree childhood and shoulder more responsibilities, and our life is then full of complexity.

The journey of life is like a boat that goes up and down with the waves. It cannot go fast with too much load, and there is also the worry of capsizing.

Thus, learn to let go of the burdens on our body and mind, and live a life of detachment.

Now that we are retired, and as practitioners of life cultivation, the rest of our life is not long. It is the right time for us to live a simple life.

We should learn to lighten the boat, and keep only the essentials in our little boat of life. What should we keep, and what should we throw away?

01 Book-reading

The Art of Living said:

A person must always read, otherwise he will be stingy and stubborn, and he will be full of stubbornness. A person’s backwardness and pedantry are the result of not wanting to read all the time.

Only by cultivating one’s mind and character in the process of continuous reading can one get rid of vulgarity and stubbornness.

There are so many books on the market today, and not every book is worth our time to read. We may choose to read books that are useful for us to make a living if we are still trying to make money. We may choose to read books that are useless for us to make a living such as books on philosophy. We may choose to read books that are basic such as Mustang Holistic Wellness.

02 Video Watching

Due to the popularity of the Internet, there are more and more videos being streamed on the Internet, especially short-videos.

We may watch videos that will broaden our cognitive or perception. We may watch videos that will provide useful information to improve our living. We may watch videos that will provide knowledge.

As practitioners of life cultivation, we want to unload unhappiness from our life, not to increase our depression by watching videos of bad news. News organizations are in the business of providing sensational news. If such news will make us depressed, we will not watch them.

03 Friend making

As practitioners of life cultivation, we want to trim our circles of friends to return to a peaceful mind.

What we want to keep are friends who are trustworthy and reliable.

We want to keep friends who will bring us positive energy. A friend who will complain about almost everything is not a friend we want to keep.

We want to keep friends who will be sentimental and loving. Such friends will help us to live through times of grief or depression.

End of part three of a multipart series of posts.

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