As We Age: Take control

How to grow old, the choice is in our own hands. We can choose to grow old gracefully, and live a healthy and joyful life. We can also choose to grow old miserably, and live a disgraceful life.

When we are old and unable to take care of ourselves, the truth may be more cruel than imagined. There may be situations that are out of our control.

03 Take control of our life

01 Stay healthy

Bai Yansong once said in a speech:

The first priority of the elderly is to stay healthy, and staying healthy is more effective than saving money.

Have a healthy diet, balanced nutrition, less smoking and less alcohol.

Learn to work and rest regularly, go to bed early and get up early to ensure quality sleep.

Insist on exercising, exercise reasonably, and pay attention to timeliness and appropriate amount.

A healthy body is the greatest guarantee for a better life in old age.

Our entire website is devoted to supporting the health and happiness of people fifty years and older. There are many techniques that will keep us healthy and happy until we die of natural causes. Subscribe and read on everyday.

02 Save money

As the saying goes:

When you have money in your hand, panic will leave your heart.

When unplanned accidents and diseases occur, bank deposits are the greatest confidence to resist risks and regain control of our life.

Therefore, no matter how old we are, we must learn to save money and leave a bank deposit for ourselves, which is the greatest vision in our later years. Leaving money now to children in expectation of care in old age is not a good strategy.

03 Cultivate friends

In our later years, apart from children and relatives around us, we should keep in contact with friends. Relatives are god sent, but friends are cultivated.

It is also a great pleasure in life to have a few close friends to chat, play chess, and drink tea together.

Keeping old friends will make our old age not lonely and boring, and it will also lend us a helping hand when we are in crisis.

04 Keep closer touch with children

There is an old saying:

Nothing is sweeter than honey. Nothing is closer than children.

When we are getting older, besides ourselves, our children are our biggest support.

Between parents and children, there is not only the connection of blood relationship and mutual emotional support, but also the constraints of morality and law.

As parents, before we get really old and become senile, we should continue to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations as parents.

There is an old saying:

Out of sight, out of mind.

Keep in touch. Make video calls to our children and grandchildren. We do not have to wait for them to call us. Remember, they are often busier than us. When we call, we will try not to complain about our grievances. They probably have enough of their own. We should keep abreast of their physical and mental conditions and give them advice when asked.

When we have time and energy, we should go and visit them. We can then have heart-to-heart talks and stroll with our grandchildren. Otherwise, our grandchildren may think we are strangers and their games are their buddies.

We will not be young forever. Everyone will grow old. This is an irresistible law of nature.

But how to grow old, the choice is in our own hands.

Retirement is a matter of planning for a rainy day. Only by paving ourselves a way out in advance will we not let ourselves have nowhere to go.

As practitioners of life cultivate, we will always do a good job in retirement planning. We will accumulate markers for our old age, and let ourselves grow old with carefree dignity.

End of part two of a multipart series of posts on As We Age.

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