Health of our Kidneys

As practitioners of life cultivation, we use the inner vision technique to feel our inner organs to find out if they are abnormal physiologically or functionally. Once we find the organ that is going bad, we can then try to return it to normal operation as soon as possible, using the various Mustang Cultivation Techniques. This will help us to maintain the health of our body without resorting to medication or surgical operation in later days.

In a previous article, we have briefly discussed each of the important organs as a learning reference. Now we will discuss in depth how we apply the inner vision technique to find out what is wrong with each of our organs.

05 The Kidneys

The kidneys are located at the waist, on both sides of the spine, one on each side.

Suwen section of Neijing states that: “The waist is the home of the kidneys.”

Because the kidneys contain innate essence, they are the foundation of energy and internal organs. They are the source of life. Herbal medicine called them the innate foundation.

In the Theory of Five Elements, the nature of the kidneys is water. The kidneys and the bladder are the exterior and interior of each other. The kidney stores essence and governs growth, development and reproduction. The kidneys open into the ears and the bottoms. The kidneys are represented by the bones in the body, and by the hair outside the body.

The kidneys store essence and govern growth, development and reproduction: Essence here refers to the most important material basis of the human body. The essence stored in the kidneys includes congenital essence and acquired essence.

The congenital essence is inherited from parents. We are born with it. Its existence depends on the continuous enrichment and growth of the acquired essence.

The acquired essence originates from the foods and drinks we take. It is further digested and transported to other organs of our body, so that they are all full of their own essence. It supplies the needs of the physiological activities of our body. The rest is stored in the kidneys to prepare for emergencies.

When the internal organs need it, the kidneys re-supply the stored essence to the internal organs. Therefore, the ups and downs of kidney essence have an impact on the functions of all viscera.

The main physiological effects of kidney essence are:

01 Kidneys store essence and govern growth and development

The essence stored in the kidney includes congenital essence and acquired essence. Congenital essence is the essence of life and death endowed by parents, and it is the original substance that constitutes the development of embryos.

Acquired Essence refers to the essence generated from the ingested food, through the function of the spleen and stomach. Part of the essence is metabolized to support the physiological activities of the organs. The remaining essence is stored in the kidneys.

The essence stored in the kidneys is transformed into kidney-energy. The fullness of the kidney-energy is closely related to the life process of the human body’s birth, growth, aging and death.

For example, when a person is seven or eight years old, due to the gradual filling of kidney-energy, there will be a change of more and longer teeth. At puberty, the kidney-energy is full and the body will produce a substance, with which men will produce sperm, and women begin to ovulate, menstruate, and their sexual function gradually matures to have reproductive ability. In old age, kidney-energy gradually declines, and their sexual function and reproductive ability gradually decline and disappear.

02 Kidneys govern water and fluid

Kidneys governing water means that the kidneys have the function of presiding over the metabolism of water in the whole body and maintaining the balance of water in the body.

The water metabolism of the human body includes two aspects:

One. Infuse body fluid from nutrients to nourish various organ tissues.

Two. Excrete the turbid fluid after metabolism of various organ tissues.

The realization of the water metabolism process mainly depends on the gasification function of the kidneys.

The kidneys have another function. They perform the function of opening and closing like a gate. When it opens, water can be discharged. When it closes, water needed by the body can be retained in the body.

If the water governing function of the kidneys is normal, it will properly regulate the opening and closing, and the urine excretion will be normal. If the water government function of the kidneys is out of balance, and the opening and closing are out of order, it will cause water metabolism disorder.

If it is closing more and opening less, we can see oliguria and edema. If it is opening more and closing less, the person will urinate more and frequently.

03 Kidneys govern the intake of Air

This means that the kidneys have the function of absorbing the clean air inhaled by the lungs, thereby ensuring the normal exchange of air inside and outside the body. Only in this way can a certain breathing depth be maintained.

Therefore, if this air receiving function is normal, our breathing will be even and harmonious. If the function of the kidneys to receive air decreases, the intake of air will be ineffective. The breathing will be superficial, and pathological manifestations such as frequent panting, excessive exhalation and insufficient inhalation may appear.

04 Kidneys influence hearing

Kidneys open into the ear and bottom. The auditory function of the ear depends on the nourishment of the kidney essence. Sufficient kidney essence leads to sensitive hearing. Insufficient kidney essence leads to tinnitus and hearing loss.

Kidneys influence the bottom. The bottom refers to the reproductive organs in front and the anus at back.

The anterior vagina includes the urethra and genitals. Although the storage and excretion of urine are the functions of the bladder, they must rely on the gasification of the kidneys to complete. Therefore, frequent urination, enuresis or oliguria, and more anuria are related to renal dysfunction.

Although the excretion of feces is dominated by the large intestine, herbal medicine believes that kidneys also play a role in it. Insufficient kidney yin-energy can lead to dryness of intestinal fluid and thereby constipation. Deficiency of kidney yang-energy can lead to loss of warmth in the spleen and poor circulation of water and dampness, which can lead to loose stools.

05 Kidneys influence bones and hair

The kidneys store essence which can generate marrow, and the marrow is stored in the bone cavity to nourish the bones.

If the kidney essence is sufficient, the bone marrow will be filled, and the bones will be firm and strong as they are fully nourished by the bone marrow. If the kidney essence is deficient and the source of bone marrow is insufficient to nourish the bones, the bones will be weak and even stunted. Therefore, the delayed closure of the fontanel and weak bones in children are often caused by insufficient kidney essence.

Teeth, like bones, are also nourished by kidney essence. Therefore, the slow growth of children’s teeth and the loose or early loss of adult teeth are considered by herbal medicine to be caused by insufficient kidney essence.

Although the nutrition of hair comes from blood, its vitality is rooted in the kidneys. Because the kidneys store essence, the essence can transform blood, and when the essence and blood are strong, the hair will be thick and moist.

People who suffer from long-term illness and see thinning, haggard, and falling hair, or premature aging, premature hair loss, and premature graying are mostly due to insufficient kidney essence and blood deficiency.

They should start to do regular maintenance to their kidneys to reverse the process. Refer to the Mustang Dietary Techniques for more detail.

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