The Art of Life Cultivation Part Ten

Men and Women at Middle-aged

The age of forty is a helpless age boundary. It is the last rose in spring, making people nostalgic and reverie.

The youth that we used to love is gradually moving away from us. Our appearance, physiology, and body condition will undergo more and more changes after the age of forty. At this time, we can no longer squander our youth like we did when we were young. We have to spend more time and energy taking care of ourselves in order to maintain a good state.

Men at forty

If you have no accomplishments so far, it is hard. You have received education for more than ten years, and work in the society for more than twenty years. If you have made no accomplishment so far, do not try to make it difficult for yourself.

Of course, you can still live a satisfying life without accomplishment. If you like to smoke, smoke some cigarettes. If you like to drink, sip some wine. If you like to gamble, play cards. If you like sex, watch some videos. Lower your goal, rearrange your mind, you will live a comfortable and happy life. There is absolutely no need to struggle after age forty.

Men at forty

If you are not married, forget it. No matter whether you have never married before, or you have divorced several times, both your body and mind are not healthy anymore. It is unethical to bring this unhealthy thing to someone else. You should try to have a pure mind with hardly any desire, walking alone, and you shall live a carefree life.

Men at forty

Do not behave as if you are 20 or 30, staring at the exposed skin of a woman. Even if your mind is in turbulence, present yourself calmly at your best. Do not look for manners sake. If you have to look, look slyly.

Men at forty

If you live unhappily, you may have to bring your unhappiness with you to the grave. Remove your unhappiness. Broaden your mind. Your accomplishment has nothing to do with money or wealth. You do not have to be mentioned in history. Remember this: For all mankind, with people coming and going, not everyone can look proudly at the world. It has to do with your fate or luck. You have been in this world, you have lived your life. It makes no sense for you to harbor any hate.

Men at forty

It is not easy for you to have accomplished a couple of things. It is even harder for you to have accomplished nothing at all. For someone who has accomplished nothing, we have to encourage him that in history, across the globe, there are people who have accomplished something late in life. If you believe in yourself, try it out.

More to come for men at forty. Move over for Women at forty.

Women at forty

Now your husband is established and famous, with a nice house, beautiful car, and plenty of money. You bet there are also beautiful women who plan to hook him. Forget about those women. Just make yourself fit and beautiful. Hold on to the string that controls the kite in the sky. Never ever say you want a divorce because of another woman. You work hard to succeed. You have raised beautiful children. You have fed your husband for twenty years. Why should you give them away to your enemy?

See what Hillary does. See what Melania does. You see now?

Women at forty

You must have a female confidant. Do not go for quantity, all you need is one or two. You must have one to whom you can tell your secrets without fear. You must have one who can eat anything with you when you feel like it.

Women at forty

You must have a male confidant. You can talk to him about things you cannot tell your husband. When you are deeply hurt, you have a shoulder to rest your head, and a big hand to wash your tears away.

Women at forty

You must properly take care of yourself. Weigh your body weight everyday. Set up a standard. Once it passes the standard, keep your weight constant or lose weight. You do it not because of good looks, but also to prevent many illnesses.

Women at forty. There is so much to talk about. Fill in the blank for yourself.

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