The Art of Life Cultivation 02

Most people tumble on the art of life cultivation when they are middle-aged, when their body health is declining. Then they start to learn the basic concepts of life cultivation one way or another. Some will go on to practice life cultivation in one form or another, usually not in an organized way.

Many people find they cannot accept the new concept, so they go on with the old ways of living their life. They will end up with declined health. They may then live in pain and suffering. They may lie in bed the whole day and need someone to care for them. They may be hospitalized.

A fortunate few will accept the new concept and practice life cultivation in an organized way. Amazingly, they will be more active, happier, healthier, and they then live a carefree life until their death.

The best time to practice life cultivation

When a person is a child, he should learn morality and filial piety, then he should learn words and literacy, then he should learn how to do things. When he becomes an adult, he should learn how to give birth to an excellent child, how to educate a child properly, and how to have a happy family. When he is middle-aged, he should learn how to cultivate his life to live a happy and healthy life. When he is old-aged, he should let go and enjoy his golden age.

When a person is middle-aged, he should practise life cultivation for the repair and maintenance of his body to maintain good health and disrupt the aging process.

However, most middle-aged people neglect these life cultivation techniques because they think they are still healthy, or busy, or accustomed to the present way of life. When they are really old, they find that their health is poor and then they think about life cultivation or health maintenance. Is it a little too late for that matter?

When an older person thinks of health maintenance, it is a little late because the body damage is more serious and body repair and maintenance is more laborious and time-consuming. However, it is better late than never. Therefore, older people can still benefit from life cultivation to live the remainder of their life without illness and with dignity and fun.

Basic Concept of Life Cultivation

The correct concept of life cultivation or health maintenance is far more helpful than costly medication or dangerous surgery to keep a person healthy and to avoid illness. If a person has the right idea, he will make the right decisions and do the right things. He may then prevent many illnesses from happening.

So what is the correct concept of life cultivation or health maintenance? First he must have great wisdom.


How does a person have great wisdom? He must have a broad mind. When he cultivates a broad mind, he will end up with great wisdom. He will know more and understand more.

A higher education in the modern world does not necessarily give a person wisdom. Wisdom does not equate to knowledge.

Will there be wisdom without a broad mind? Think about it.

Sudden Understanding

A person who has not received any higher education in our modern education system, but who is highly savvy and has an open mind will often truly understand the truth and accept different ideas.

He may not understand an idea now, but someday he will do so. The idea and its meaning will suddenly dawn on him. He will suddenly understand the truth.

This is a sudden understanding that comes from within himself.


What is savvy? What is wisdom? Sudden comprehension and wisdom are the simplest ways to deal with everything.

When a person understands a matter to the extent of simplicity, he has truly understood the matter to the core. If he still feels that it is profound and unfathomable, he has not mastered the essence of it. He only sees the dense leaves without going to the root of it. He is still at a stage where there is an existence. He has not reached the realm of null.

Life is simple. Life cultivation is simple. Health preservation is simple. A happy mindset is simple. Do not try to complicate them by thinking too much about it.

Simplicity is the key to life cultivation. Try to follow the advice of Emerson. Lead a simple life.


The golden mean is the fundamental concept in life cultivation. Life itself seeks a balanced state of existence.

What is balance? Balance is the interdependence and mutual restraint of two subject matters. It is out of balance when either side is too far off.

Thus, when the mind is clear and balanced, and the emotion checked, everything else will be safe, and the practice of life cultivation will likely yield longevity.

Luckily for practitioners of life cultivation, the human body will always try to seek a natural balance if we do not try to hinder it. Thus, let go and let the body do its natural stuff.


All the wisdom that a man has is not learned from books, but from the sincerity and purity of his mind, originated from his devotion to anchored thought.

In order to maintain health, a person follows the principle of life cultivation. The highest state of life cultivation is mind cultivation. Therefore, when we talk about life cultivation, the basic disciples learn about physical body cultivation, the higher-ups learn about vital force cultivation, and the top learn about mind cultivation. Spiritual or mind cultivation is the most important aspect of life cultivation.


A person may choose to believe in drugs and in the data produced by instruments and equipment during a physical checkup. On the other hand, he may choose to believe in his own feelings and in his own ability to make micro adjustments to his body.

A person should learn self-inspection and start to observe the state of health of his body and take actions on a daily basis. Trust himself instead of the cold data.


Of all living things, a human being has the most perfect structure. A healthy body has all the parts it needs. The adjustment of human health is mostly done by the inborn repair and maintenance system of the body, not external factors such as herbs, medication, and surgery. The external factors can only play a supporting role.

A person follows the same Principles when he practices life cultivation. When a person is ill, there is always a factor that makes him sick. There is also another factor that restricts it and causes the illness to disappear. For example, wherever a poisonous snake exists in nature, there must be an anti-venom herb nearby.

Life cultivation is the practice of strengthening the ability of our body for self-healing and self-preservation. The more you practice as in playing tennis, your will have raised your ability to do so. Be resilient. Be persistent.


When a person masters the correct method of life cultivation, he will find that he has improved his body health and his mental alertness. He will have a better relationship with his environment and his social circles.

He will then truly gain confidence that he does not have to worry about any illness at all. He will then go on practicing life cultivation. It will be ingrained in his body and soul. He will live happily ever after.

Next episode: Basic Principles of Healthy Living

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