Mustang Shenzhan Technique Practice Advice

Many Chinese medical practitioners recommend Chinese style stretching exercises which we refer to as Shenzhan Technique. Mustang Shenzhan Technique will not only shape the body, it will also regenerate the internal organs. Mustang Shenzhan Technique conforms to the principles of Chinese medicine. It will strengthen both the body shape and vital energy. The basic courseContinue reading “Mustang Shenzhan Technique Practice Advice”

Mustang Shenzhan Technique Modalities

Mustang Shenzhan Technique is a set of stretching exercises specifically designed for life cultivation practitioners like us. It is mainly for the maintenance and repair of our body. It is highly recommended that it be used in conjunction with other Mustang Cultivation Techniques. What are the best stretching exercises for us to improve daily life?Continue reading “Mustang Shenzhan Technique Modalities”