Mustang Tuina Technique Qiyang

The Qiyang set of tuina, or massage applies to the whole body practiced in the morning so that we will feel energized the whole day. Our mind and eye sights will be sharp. We will be able to read the fine prints on the food label. We will be able to pursue a game onContinue reading “Mustang Tuina Technique Qiyang”

The Art of Tuna Breathing Variations

John: Before I leave the topic of Stage One of Energy Circulation, I want to touch on the posture of our body while lying in bed doing the exercise. Mark: What is the correct posture? John: We practitioners of life cultivation have our own preferences and inventions. One of my friends will curve his legsContinue reading “The Art of Tuna Breathing Variations”

The Art of Mustang Tuna Technique

It is about Energy Circulation Robin: What is Mustang Tuna Technique? John: It is a technique for performing deep breathing. As practitioners of life cultivation, we use the technique to increase our air (and thus oxygen) intake. As a collateral benefit, it also increases our energy circulation. Thus it is very beneficial for people whoContinue reading “The Art of Mustang Tuna Technique”