Timeline of Health Activities 02


The timeline of activities of each organ in our body are predetermined. Once we have decoded their activities, we are well on our way to easily maintain and repair our body organs.

The secret of health is hidden in our body. There are twelve months in a year, and twenty four hours in a day. Our human body is a system that pays attention to harmony and balance every hour throughout the year, as if there is a god inside running the system.

If we deviate from it, we will feel uncomfortable, and we may get sick. When we decipher the secret codes of the human body, we will have mastered the secrets of life preservation, leading to longevity.


Time slot seven wushi

11:00-13:00 Heart Meridian

From eleven in the morning to one in the afternoon the heart meridian is active. As practitioners of life cultivation, we will take a nap after lunch. Even if we cannot sleep, we should close our eyes and take a rest. It will keep our body healthy and we will work more efficiently in the afternoon.

Life cultivation starts with a peaceful and calm mind. Taking good care of the heart in the Summer is to keep peace and quietness.

A full lunch is beneficial to our health. Starting from eleven, we should start to eat a full lunch, not fast food. Eating a full lunch will not only replenish energy for the body, but also relax our body and brain.

An example of a healthy lunch is to add some legumes and vegetables on the bread. We need a delicious lunch and be able to release energy slowly. Baked legumes are rich in cellulose, and tomato sauce can be used as part of the vegetables.

Time slot eight weishi

13:00-15:00 Small Intestine Meridian

From one to three in the afternoon the small intestine meridian is active. The small intestine meridian is responsible for taking care of critical illnesses.
We say, she has a peach blossom face. Is this a compliment? Is this an indication of illness?

The folklore says, whatever parts you eat will be beneficial to your corresponding body parts. Is this true?

Eat your lunch before this time slot. Why?

The main function of the small intestine is to absorb nutrients from the food that has been digested by the stomach and spleen, and then distribute it to various organs. Therefore, lunch should be eaten before so that the stomach has time to work on the food before it flows to the small intestine to be worked on.

Taking good care of the small intestine meridian starts with the associated acupoints. Give them a good massage.


Time slot nine shenshi

15:00-17:00 Bladder Meridian

From three to five in the afternoon the bladder meridian is active. The bladder meridian carries wonderful medicines for the health of our body.
The best time for studying and exercising is at four in the afternoon. It is also the best time to relieve fatigue and improve our eyesight.

Drinking a cup of yogurt at four is a healthy snack with zero burden. Drinking a cup of yogurt between meals a day can keep blood sugar stable while helping intestinal digestion, which is beneficial to our heart health.

Time slot ten youshi

17:00-19:00 Kidney Meridian

From five to seven in the afternoon the kidney meridian is active. The kidney is for storage of essence beneficial to our body. The kidney meridian determines our longevity.

From five to seven in the afternoon is the best time for exercise, especially seven in the evening.

Massaging the kidney meridian often, we will be healthy our whole life.

We try especially hard to take good care of our kidney meridian in the Winter.

Why do modern people have deficient kidneys?

I may be stupid, but it is your kidney that is the problem. What is the meaning of this?

In order to do big things, you first need a big kidney essence. What is the meaning of this?


Time slot eleven shushi

19:00-21:00 Pericardium Meridian

From seven to nine in the evening the pericardium meridian is active. The pericardium meridian is a source of joy, happiness and health. We should read a book or watch a movie at this time. We should do something relaxing.

We should not eat during this time slot. Eat less if we have to eat. We should make sure that our stomach is less than 70% full. Chew slowly while we eat. Eating too much at dinner time will cause blood sugar to rise, increase the burden on the digestive system, and affect our sleep. For dinner at this time, we should eat more vegetables and less foods rich in calories and protein.

Time slot twelve haishi

21:00-23:00 Sanjiao Meridian

From nine to eleven in the evening the sanjiao meridian is active. Mind you, taking good care of the sanjiao meridian will likely prevent hundreds of diseases.

Sex at this time slot is the happiest expression of our body.

We may take a hot bath before bed. If taking a hot bath is not feasible, we may bath our feet in hot water for twenty minutes.

We may watch TV programs for a while to relax and to help us sleep. However, we should be careful not to watch TV while lying in bed, as this will affect our sleep quality.

We definitely should fall asleep before eleven in the evening. The metabolism of the skin is between eleven in the evening and one the next morning. Therefore, if we want healthy and beautiful skin, go to bed before eleven in the evening.



On a daily basis, as practitioners of life cultivation, we divide a day into twelve time slots. Our body dictates certain activities are best taken within each time slot. Here we have briefly described the most important activity that we should do during each slot.

Next we will discuss in full detail what a life cultivation practitioner will do in each time slot so as to achieve longevity in life. Stay tuned for the next episode.

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